Author Instructions

Thank you for considering BAQ as an outlet for your work! We have several categories, so please review each carefully before submitting. As a general policy, we do not print original research or traditional literature reviews.

The Digest

The digest accepts reviews of journal articles of interest to behavior analysts. Review articles should be written in the active voice and be understood by non-behavioral readers. Typically, digest articles are written in the “newspaper style” with catchy titles, location of the story, and frequent use of action words and phrases.

– Limit all digest articles to 500 words or fewer.
– Do not include graphical reprints from the journal article.
– Articles must be published in the last 5 years
– Include full reference in APA style
– No more than 3 references per article

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*By submitting your article for consideration to BAQ, you agree to BAQ’s right to alter your article’s text, primarily grammar, to fit its current needs.

Feature Article

Featured articles cover some topic of interest to our readership. While we have no limits on topic, authors are encouraged to contact the editor to confirm there is space available in an upcoming issue.

All featured articles require author head shots, additional high-definition photos if possible, and a limit of approximately 1,000-1,500 words. More details are available by contacting the editor.

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Columnists are expected to offer a unique contribution to BAQ, meet all deadlines, and to provide column articles regularly.

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